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Perfect CrimeARC232

Shrine Of 8

Perfect Crime - Single - Shrine Of 8


Featured Track

Shrine Of 8All Those Eyes

  1. Perfect Crime (We All Hurt Inside)
  2. All Those Eyes


Perfect Crime produced and engineered by Kevin Moloney
Backing tracks produced by Steve Nye
All Those Eyes produced by Mike Long
Produced by Shrine of 8
Recorded at Moles Studio Bath 1989
Kate Mead Cello
Kurosh Davis Violin

Originally released on Moles Records 1989
Written by Dave Luckhurst
Published by MCA Music Ltd/K N Music

Rereleased with the permission of
Phillip Andrews - Moles


Disclaimer: We have made every attempt to find the original owners of these wonderful recordings. If a member of the band or anyone else reads this and can supply us with any information it would be greatly appreciated.