This comprehensive gig list was kept by Richard Wyatt. He attended the most amazing amount of gigs during the period 1978-1985.

Cataloguing. A boy’s thing, I know. But keeping a note of which bands I’d seen, where, and how much each gig cost to get into, seemed a kind of natural thing for me to do in summer 1978 when I started going to gigs, a teenager living in Bishopsworth, south Bristol.

Nowadays this obsessive behaviour might attract medical intervention, or at least be called a ‘condition’ and allocated a long name and a swathe of learned articles in medical journals. Come to think of it, maybe it would have back then… if only I’d told anyone I was doing it. I didn’t.

Alone in my room I began a furtive habit that would see me keeping sheets of lined A4 paper, probably intended for geography homework handed down by Bedminster Down Comprehensive’s finest pedagogues, instead becoming the subject of a finely detailed and now-precious chronicle of Bristol’s brilliant music heritage.

Weird, I know. But I’m so glad I did it, because these six simple double sided sheets now give the sort of insight into a teenage music fanatic’s life in Bristol from 1978 to 1985 that many shared but few recorded. Well, not so much ‘few’, as none, I reckon.

My brother, three years older than me and a veteran of the weekly £1.50 Sunday punk nights at Bristol Locarno, had taken me under his wing soon after I hit 15, letting me join him when decent post-punk bands came to town. The fact he had a car meant we were free to travel away from Bristol for live music too. These were days when a band’s national tour was truly a tour. No European dates back then, so 50 or 60 British venues, pretty much night after night. It meant the opportunity to see the same band not only in Bristol, but also follow them when they visited Bath, Newport, Cardiff and Malvern.

A school pal or two, also avid music buffs, would sometimes come along too, and so a culture of gig-going pretty much night-after-night for six or seven years was begun. My brother’s interests went in different directions so after a few months of my christening I was a regular at Bristol gigs. Sometimes I went with mates. Sometimes I’d go and I’d stand on my own.

Things that should really have got in the way of my music fandom found themselves edged out. I’d done okay in my O levels but didn’t hit the dizzy heights my teachers thought I should. Then when it came to sixth form and A levels, well, the notion of ‘independent evening study’ that formed a centrepiece of the academic high flyer’s lifestyle never really troubled mine. Three A level subjects eventually became two as maths went by the wayside. I scraped through the two. Did I blame music for my under-achievement? No. But perhaps looking back I should have. Did the teachers blame the music? Well, no, but maybe had those gig lists not been quite so secret they’d have started asking questions.

I left sixth form in 1981, going straight into work. Living at home and earning what felt like a decent wage at WD & HO Wills on a business apprenticeship scheme meant there was cash for my passion. Just as well, really. Take a look at the prices of gigs those days and it looks dead cheap (£2.50 for Colston Hall ticket, 80p for The Green Room), but it mounted up, especially when you drank when you were there. And of course the money was stretched further when you spent Saturdays acquiring vinyl treasures in Revolver Records on The Triangle, Rival in Bedminster, or HMV and Virgin in Broadmead.

Highlights from big-name and emerging bands on their local tour dates are too many to list in full, but who amongst those who were there could forget The Ruts at Romeo and Juliet’s, The Smiths at the University Anson Rooms, U2 at The Berkeley, or The Comsat Angels and The Sound at Bath Tiffany’s?

Then there was an unforgettable night at The Locarno when Joy Division had meant to be supporting The Rezillos. They’d travelled down from Manchester but The Rezillos split up that day and somehow Joy Division got removed from a bill which mysteriously would contain the then-unknown Undertones, Chelsea and John Otway. A someone who now dotes on New Order I probably should regret the late switch. But this triple-header turned out to be one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Ever. And Feargal Sharkey signed my t-shirt. Think I’ve still got it. Don’t think it still fits.

But the majority of my nightly outings weren’t major gigs - rather ones at smaller venues, mainly watching Bristol bands who I came to love - the likes of Essential Bop, Vitus Dance, Apartment, Art Objects & The Blue Aeroplanes, X-Certs, TVIs, Sneak Preview, Out of Order (who became Thin Air) and Dancing Teeth.

And Mind Tunnel, good friends who asked me to ‘manage’ them … in other words get them gigs, generally promote them, and cart their bloody heavy drums around in my Datsun 100A. It was a privilege, an honour, hard work and great fun, and some time down the line Thin Air came asking me to do the same with them.

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, and some of those Bristol venues – all now long gone - were paradise to me. The Stonehouse, a room behind The Bunch of Grapes pub that usually cost 50p to get into, run by the indomitable Madge, who let you hire the place for a crisp five pound note. When they knocked it down they put up, well, not a parking lot, but a massive glass office block called Spectrum which itself is now long gone, so maybe there is some justice after all.

The hire-cost of the Green Room, King Street, run by Les and Rich, was, ahem, a little more fluid than that of The Stonehouse, but it was a fantastic small venue. Then there was The Plume of Feathers pub in Hotwells, where bands somehow set up in the corner at the end of the bar, right next to the Gents, meaning several times each set there were awkward avoidance manoeuvres for bassist and would-be bladder evacuee.

The Bristol Bridge Inn was a gem, as was The Berkeley, a room above what’s now a Wetherspoon’s at the top of Park Street – and was at the time a Carwardine’s Coffee House. It hosted very refined tea dances on Sunday afternoons, and noisy gigs a couple of nights a week. I say they’ve all closed now, but that’s not true: Trinity Hall still hosts gigs and it existed back then. It was cavernous and bloody freezing most of the time. My most recent experience there tells me it still is.

My ambitions stretched to trying to get Mind Tunnel gigs further afield. We found gigs in places like Stroud, Bath and Weston-super-mare, where Birnbeck Pier hosted the band the night after guitarist Simon had smashed his leg in a motorcycle accident, and performed seated with plastered-leg aloft. I understand Dave Grohl did his best to emulate him years later.

In comic-and-badge shop Forever People half way up Park Street you used to be able to buy a Somerset-based fanzine called Sheep Worrying. I got involved with the arts enthusiasts from Bridgwater who ran the fanzine. They were keen to set up a scheme whereby their local bands could play support gigs in Bristol, with a reciprocal arrangement for city-based musicians to entertain the good folk of the Somerset Levels. I was asked to be the Bristol link, writing reviews for the fanzine, arranging gigs here and generally stretching my metaphorical gig-going legs still further to Bridgwater and Glastonbury village halls. Oh, the glamour.

There were Battle of the Band nights at The Granary, Sunday evenings in pubs watching bands unknown-to-me simply to stave off the horror of a Monday morning return to work, and the occasional trip to London to see up-and-coming bands perform in venues that had previously only existed to me as places from reviews in Sounds and NME. The Marquee, Hammersmith Palais, The Fulham Greyhound and others now became real, though I still contend none of them beat The Stonehouse.

Nowadays I look at these gig lists and wonder many things. Why did I keep these bits of paper all these years? Why did I go every night? Why spend so much money? What did I miss out on as a result? But the biggest question to myself might just be ‘Why did I stop writing them down?’ Was it because in 1985 I stopped going? I don’t think so, because I know that, despite going off to study a teaching degree, I still saw bands - albeit not as frequently. I can’t remember the details because, errrm, well, I stopped writing them down.

Perhaps I came to feel that boyhood-style cataloguing was ill-becoming of an undergraduate in a College of Higher Education. If only I’d then been able to see what a valuable academic historical artefact I’d created.

Thirty years on I’m still living in south Bristol, working here too. As my family grew, I started to rediscover the gig-going habit in recent years. I don’t go every night – far from it. And so I don’t spend much on tickets these days.

Ask me who I’ve been to see in the past year or two and I’ll happily reel the names and venues off. Is that because I’ve resumed my cataloguing habit? Well, no, just memory, actually. For now at least.

Richard Wyatt (May 2016)


The Gig List

Date Bands Venue Cost
28/06/78 Young Ones, Boomtown Rats Colston Hall £2.50
14/07/78 Zones, Magazine Colston Hall £1.50
20/09/78 10CC Colston Hall £4.00
22/09/78 Stiff Little Fingers, Tom Robinson Band Colston Hall £2.50
27/09/78 Skids, Stranglers Bath Pavillion £2.50
19/10/78 Buzzcocks Malvern Winter Gardens £2.00
30/10/78 Subway Sect, Buzzcocks Colston Hall £2.50
13/11/78 Blazer Blazer, AC/DC Colston Hall £1.80
19/11/78 Undertones, John Otway, Chelsea Locarno £1.25
28/01/79 John Cooper Clarke,Richard Hell and The Voidoids,Elvis Costello & The Attractions Locarno £2.50
22/02/79 The Members, Eddie & The Hot Rods Bath University £2.20
04/03/79 Robert Rental & The Normal,Essential Logic, Stiff Little Fingers Locarno £1.50
22/03/79 The Pretenders Bristol Poly £0.90
28/05/79 The Chords, The Undertones Locarno £2.00
29/05/79 Starjets, Stiff Little Fingers Colston Hall £2.50
17/06/79 Ruts, The Damned Locarno £2.00
30/06/79 Essential Bop Ashton Court Free
01/07/79 X-Certs, Europeans, (Steps, Spoons, Shoes for Industry Ashton Court Free
01/08/79 Interview, Pretenders Newport Stowaway £1.50
06/09/79 TVI's Crown Cellar £0.50
11/09/79 Spics, Starjets Granary £1.00
18/09/79 Viva, Yachts, XTC Colston Hall £1.75
30/09/79 The Photos, The Undertones Locarno £2.00
07/10/79 Donkeys, Stiff Little Fingers Locarno £2.50
08/10/79 Flys, Ruts Romeo & Juliets £1.75
11/10/79 Revelation Rockers, Spics Tiffanys £1.25
19/10/79 Stingrays, Apartment, Double Vision, Private Dicks, Essential Bop Hope Chapel £1.00
21/10/79 The Meteors, Jane Eyre & The Belvederes, Lene Lovich Locarno £2.50
23/10/79 Gas Taps, Spics Granary£1.00
25/10/79 Apartment, Sneak Preview,Private Dicks Tiffanys £1.00
27/10/79 Vitus Dance Crown Cellar £0.50
04/11/79 Joy Division, Buzzcocks Colston Hall £2.00
07/11/79 Under Fives, Vitus Dance Stonehouse £0.50
13/11/79 Vitus Dance Stonehouse£0.50
21/11/79 Vitus Dance, Generation X Granary £2.00
15/12/79 The EF Band Granary£1.50
30/01/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.75
07/02/80 Boys, Ramones Colston Hall £3.50
13/02/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.95
16/02/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.95
29/02/80 Amaziah Redland Church Hall £0.60
05/03/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.75
08/03/80 Sound to Light, Mayfair, Siren Stonehouse£1.00
10/03/80 Another Pretty Face, Stiff Little Fingers Colston Hall £3.00
12/03/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.75
15/03/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.75
19/03/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.75
29/03/80 Mayfair, X-Certs Hope Chapel £0.80
26/04/80 Zyklon B Chestnut £0.75
27/04/80 Moondogs, Undertones Bournemouth Winter Gardens £2.75
10/05/80 TVI's, Apartment Stonehouse£1.00
16/05/80 Dolly Mixture, Moondogs, Undertones Bath Pavillion £2.25
17/05/80 Dolly Mixture, Moondogs, Undertones Malvern Winter Gardens £3.00
18/05/80 Dolly Mixture, Moondogs, Undertones Cardiff Top Rank £2.25
31/05/80 Sneak Preview Green Room Club £1.20
01/06/80 TVI's Plume of Feathers n/k
09/06/80 One on One, Toyah Locarno£2.25
24/06/80 Otway and Barrett Trinity Hall n/k
28/06/80 Off Balance, Fans, X-Certs, Sneak Preview Ashton Court Free
29/06/80 Negative Earth, Zyklon B , TVI's, Shoes for Industry Ashton Court Free
15/07/80 Screen Gems, The Fans, Rainbow 0.85
26/07/80 Weapon of Peace, Stiff Little Fingers Bath Pavillion n/k
29/07/80 Circus Circus, Electric Guitars Rainbow 0.85
13/08/80 X-Certs Stonehouse £0.90
19/08/80 Points, Juan Foote 'n' The Grave Rainbow £0.85
20/08/80 The Untouchables Green Room £0.60
30/08/80 Amaziah Salt Cellar £1.00
02/09/80 X-Certs, Protex Rainbow £1.25
05/09/80 The Untouchables, Various Artists, Electric Guitars Berkeley £0.75
09/09/80 Misdemeanour, U2 Rainbow £1.25
14/09/80 Swinging Cats, Specials Locarno £2.00
16/09/80 TVI's, Shoes for Industry Rainbow £1.00
23/09/80 The Toys, Split Enz Berkeley £1.75
28/09/80 Zyklon B, Demob, Vice Squad Trinity Hall n/k
29/09/80 Utility Stops, MisdemeanourStonehouse £0.50
30/09/80 The Sound, Echo & The Bunnymen Berkeley £2.00
02/10/80 The Piranhas Bristol Poly £1.80
14/10/80 Virus, Zyklon B Stonehousen/k
22/10/80 The Toys, Nine Below Zero Berkeley £1.50
28/10/80 StingraysStonehouse £0.75
01/11/80 Utility Stops, MisdemeanourGreen Room Club £1.20
03/11/80 The Fatal Charm, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Colston Hall £2.00
06/11/80 Stingrays, X -Certs , Electric Guitars Tiffanys £1.50
13/11/80 The Untouchables Granary£1.00
14/11/80 Flash Harry, Misdemeanour, Points, Voice of Nature Berkeley £0.50
15/11/80 Midnight & The Lemon Boys, U2 Bristol Poly £1.50
17/11/80 X-Certs, Sneak Preview Berkeley £1.00
20/11/80 Lozenges, The Moondogs Bristol Poly £1.50
14/12/80 Modern Man, XTC Locarno£3.00
10/02/81 Richmond, Zyklon B, React Stonehouse£0.50
11/02/81 The Amateurs Green Room £1.00
18/02/81 TV21, The MoondogsBerkeley £2.25
19/02/81 Mind Tunnel, Out of Order, React Stonehouse£0.50
27/02/81 Fish Food, TVI's Trinity Hall £1.25
03/03/81 Mind Tunnel Stonehouse n/k
04/03/81 Out of Order, Sky High Granary£1.00
10/03/81 Out of Order, The Options Stonehousen/k
13/03/81 Undertones, Revillos Bristol Uni £7.00
23/03/81 Out of Order, Virus, Mind Tunnel Stonehousen/k
28/03/81 Robert Lawrence, React, Out of Order, Baleeshas Trinity Hall £1.00
06/04/81 Motörhead Granary £3.00
23/04/81 Out of Order, Mind Tunnel Green Room n/k
27/04/81 Blue Orchids, Echo & The Bunnymen Colston Hall £2.50
02/05/1981 The Cure Colston Hall £3.00
03/05/81 Mood Elevators, Au Pairs, The Beat Locarno£3.50
14/05/81 The System, Squashed Piranha Stonehouse£1.00
16/05/81 Orgasm, Grief, Desperate Hours, Mind Tunnel Bridgwater A.C n/k
25/05/81 Voice of Nature, Theatre of Hate Granary£2.50
27/05/81 React, Essential Bop Green Room£1.00
01/06/81 Essential Bop, Altered Images Granary£2.50
05/06/81 Court Martial, Mind Tunnel Bear n/k
10/06/81 Dolly Mixture, The Undertones Bath Pavillion £3.50
13/06/81 Exploding Seagulls, Essential Bop, Art Objects Churchill Hall £1.00
14/06/81 The Tropics Plume of Feathers n/k
15/06/81 Dancing Teeth, Thin Air Stonehouse£0.99
17/06/81 Dolly Mixture, The Undertones Cardiff Top Rank £3.00
18/06/81 Dolly Mixture, The Undertones Colston Hall £3.25
20/06/81 Delmontes, Teardrop Explodes Colston Hall £3.50
27/06/81 The Controls Chutes £1.25
29/06/81 Mind Tunnel, Demented Stoats Roxpot, Bath n/k
30/06/81 Various Artists Chutes £1.00
04/07/81 Mind Tunnel Chutes n/k
07/07/81 Streets Ahead, The Controls, Terraplanes, The Review, Nightwatch, Mr Sprat's 21st Century M??? Granary£0.50
09/07/81 Thin Air, Noiz Boiz Stonehouse n/k
11/07/81 Uncle Fred's Lucky Tandem, Victory Boogie Woogie, Noiz Boiz, Shiva,Bridgwater A.C n/k
14/07/81 Hep Cats, Mind Tunnel, Rimshots, Beat Treatment, Emotion Picture, Camden Cruisers Granary n/k
18/07/81 The Controls Green Room £1.00
27/07/81 Juice, Essential Bop Roxpot, Bath £1.20
?/07/81 SOS, The Options, Mind Tunnel, The Review Granaryn/k
01/08/81 The Tropics Green Room£1.00
02/08/81 Misdemeanour Plume of Feathers n/k
03/08/81 Stage, Misdemeanour Roxpot, Bath £1.00
08/08/81 Mind Tunnel, Black Roots St James Theatre Bath n/k
17/08/81 Neon Downwards, Intensified Chaos Stonehousen/k
22/08/81 Bop Street, The Untouchables Green Room £1.20
26/08/81 The Untouchables Pumphouse n/k
28/08/81 Atilla the Stockbroker, Patrick Fitzgerald Roxpot, Bath £1.50
04/09/81 Riz Wah Wah, Dangerous Brothers, The Bite B.A.C £1.00
10/09/81 The Voice of Nature Green Room£1.00
11/09/81 Over The Edge Wheatsheaf £0.50
12/09/81 Red Radio Wheatsheaf £0.50
12/09/81 Streets Ahead Green Room £1.20
14/09/81 Author Unknown, Dancing Teeth, Neon Downloads, Mind Tunnel Stonehouse n/k
17/09/81 Hybrids Chutes £1.00
21/09/81 Mind Tunnel, The Ultimate Dance Roxpot, Bath n/k
22/09/81 Thin Air Chutes £1.00
24/09/81 Rhythm Puppets, Thin Air Green Room£1.00
27/09/81 The Sound, Comsat Angels Bath Tiffanys £2.50
29/09/81 Voice of Nature, Mind Tunnel Barge, Semington
03/10/81 Over The Edge Wheatsheaf £0.50
03/10/81 The Controls Green Room£1.20
06/10/81 Boys Will Be Boys, The Passions Bath Tiffanys £2.25
09/10/81 Bad Detectives, Red Factory, Mind Tunnel B A C n/k
10/10/81 Thin Air, The Controls Bristol Bridge Inn £0.50
13/10/81 Hybrids, Thin Air, Over The Edge Granary£1.00
14/10/81 Comsat Angels, U2 Cardiff Top Rank £3.00
15/10/81 Dancing Teeth, Thin Air Green Room £1.00
16/10/81 Mind Tunnel, Over The Edge, Red Radio, Recorded Delivery Trinity Hall n/k
17/10/81 Mind Tunnel Epicurean Bar n/k
18/10/81 Comsat Angels, U2 Locarno £3.00
22/10/81 Glass Life Stonehouse£0.50
23/10/81 Escape Trinity Hall £1.50
24/10/81 Thin Air Epicurean Bar n/k
29/10/81 Mind Tunnel, Red Radio Green Room n/k
30/10/81 Garbage, Mind Tunnel, The Untouchables Street n/k
31/10/81 Lucan, Sneak Preview Green Room £1.00
03/11/81 Talisman, Bauhaus Locarno £3.50
05/11/81 East 42nd Street,Green Room £0.80
06/11/81 Red Factory, Mind Tunnel Weston Poly £7.00
07/11/81 Glass Life, Misdemeanour Green Room£1.00
10/11/81 Inflammable, Mushroom, Dancing Teeth Stonehousen/k
12/11/81 Mind Tunnel, Thin Air Green Room n/k
14/11/81 Mind Tunnel, Noiz Boiz Weston Pier n/k
19/11/81 Milan Models Green Room £0.80
24/11/81 Mind Tunnel, Thin Air St Mathias n/k
25/11/81 Escape, Delta 5 Trinity Hall £2.00
26/11/81 Another Unknown, Glass Life, Mind Tunnel Stonehousen/k
01/12/81 Club Waiters,Hybrids Stonehouse£0.50
05/12/81 Mind Tunnel, Ten Pole Tudor Stroud Leisure Centre n/k
06/12/81 The Bureau, Roddy Radiation and The Tearjerkers, Modettes Trinity Hall £2.00
08/12/81 Lozenges, Heebeegeebees, Electric Guitars St Mathias £2.00
10/12/81 Thin Air, Gross Club Green Room£0.80
12/12/81 Another Unknown, Rye & The Quarterboys Green Room £1.00
17/12/81 Mind Tunnel, Thin Air Green Roomn/k
22/12/81 Voice of Nature (Xmas Party) Ace of Clubs n/k
23/12/81 Jon Kelly etc, The Builders Trinity Hall £2.00
02/01/82 Controls Green Room £1.00
07/01/82 Neon Downwards, Another Unknown, Special Guests Stonehousen/k
28/01/82 Ravishing Beauties,Teardrop Explodes Colston Hall £3.50
01/02/82 Boys in Darkness, The Stranglers Locarno £3.50
04/02/82 Club Waiters, Mind Tunnel Green Room n/k
06/02/82 Floating Mozarts, Confined Spaces, 57 Man Overboard, Pure Motivation,BAC £1.00
08/02/82 Panicking Grannies, Another Unknown, Dancing Teeth Stonehouse n/k
13/02/82 Sneak Preview Green Room£1.00
16/02/82 Dancing Teeth, Another Unknown Green Room n/k
18/02/82 Dancing Teeth, Mystery Guests Green Room £0.80
19/02/82 Dancing Teeth, Sneak Preview Bristol Bridge Inn £1.00
26/02/82 The Wake, New Order Trinity Hall £2.50
28/02/82 Mr Spratts, John Cooper-Clarke Bath Tiffanys £2.50
02/03/82 Panicking Grannies Stonehouse £0.50
06/03/82 Manslaughter, Squashed Piranha, Mind TunnelWest Penard n/k
08/03/82 Meteors, Theatre of Hate Locarno £3.00
11/03/82 Dancing Teeth, Thin Air Green Room £0.80
13/03/82 Cold Trinity Hall £1.00
18/03/82 Dancing Teeth, Another Unknown Green Roomn/k
19/03/82 Dancing Teeth, Sneak Preview Bristol Bridge Inn £1.00
20/03/82 Another Unknown, Rye & The Quarterboys Green Room £1.00
23/03/82 Another Unknown, Dancing Teeth Green Room£0.80
26/03/82 Mind Tunnel, Lunatic Fringe, The Escape Trinity Hall n/k
27/03/82 The Controls Green Room £1.00
03/04/82 Another Unknown, Misdemeanour Green Room £1.00
08/04/82 Bop Street Green Room £0.80
10/04/82 Pure MotivationBristol Bridge Inn £1.00
10/04/82 Wild Beasts Green Room £1.00
11/04/82 King Trigger, Thompson Twins Trinity Hall £2.00
15/04/82 BuildersGreen Room£1.00
16/04/82 Scream and Dance, The Higsons Trinity Hall £1.00
17/04/82 Bop Street, The Untouchables Green Room£1.00
18/04/82 Cardiac Caress Bristol Bridge Inn n/k
19/04/82 Club Whoopee, Quazor, Headless Horsemen Stonehouse £0.70
20/04/82 The Cure Colston Hall £3.50
23/04/82 Unconditional LoveBristol Bridge Inn n/k
24/04/82 Dancing Teeth, Club Whoopee, Quazor, Headless Horsemen BAC £0.80
28/04/82 Camden Cruisers Bristol Bridge Inn n/k
29/04/82 Another Unknown, Thin Air Green Room n/k
01/05/82 Harry and Hilary, Electric GuitarsTrinity Hall £1.50
04/05/82 The Escape, Crown of Thorns Bath Tiffanys £1.80
06/05/82 Rhythm Puppet Stonehouse£0.50
08/05/82 Misdemeanour Bristol Bridge Inn £1.00
11/05/82 Ground Zero, The Red And The Black, Syl Sylvain's Teardrop tThe Venue £2.50
12/05/82 The Reactions, The Crack Fulham Greyhound £1.50
15/05/82 Trainspotters Bristol Bridge Inn £0.50
16/05/82 Vic Goddard's Subway Sect, Altered Images Locarno£3.00
18/05/82 Screaming Dead, Necromancy Trinity Hall £0.75
22/05/82 Juan Foote 'n' The Grave Green Room £1.00
23/05/82 Real Numbers, The Sound Bath Tiffanys £2.50
26/05/82 Panicking Grannies Stonehouse n/k
28/05/82 Play Dead Trinity n/k
29/05/82 Bop Street, Jim McLean 5 Green Room £1.00
30/05/82 Choice Treats for Children Bristol Bridge Inn n/k
31/05/82 Brilliant Corners, Club Waiters Landsdown n/k
01/06/82 Thin Air, Mind Tunnel, Dancing Teeth Stonehousen/k
03/06/82 Moral Minority, Rhythm Puppet Stonehousen/k
05/06/82 Misdemeanour Green Room £1.00
06/06/82 Spot The Dog Bristol Bridge Inn n/k
11/06/82 Pure Motivation Bristol Bridge Inn n/k
13/06/82 Opposite Man Bridge n/k
15/06/82 The Red And The Black Moonlight n/k
19/06/82 Bop Street, Face to Face Green Room n/k
26/06/82 Panicking Grannies Stonehouse n/k
27/06/82 Loose Change Bridge n/k
02/07/82 Tao Green Room £1.00
03/07/82 Brilliant Corners, Mind Tunnel Green Room n/k
08/07/82 Thin Air Green Room £1.00
17/07/82 Pigbag,The Beat, Drummers of Burundi, Echo and The Bunnymen Womad £5.00
18/07/82 Dinner Ladies Bridge n/k
22/07/82 Airbridge, The Red And The Black Moonlight n/k
28/07/82 Spot The DogBridge n/k
31/07/82 Spot The Dog, Misdemeanour Bridge £0.50
11/08/82 Club Whoopee Bridge n/k
16/08/82 The Alarm, The Undertones National Club, Kilburn £3.50
05/09/82 The Inane Bridge n/k
15/09/82 The Scars, Comsat Angels The Venue £3.00
17/09/82 The Escape Bridge £1.00
18/09/82 Misdemeanour Bridge £1.00
21/09/82 Apocalypse, The Jam Showering Pavillion £5.00
25/09/82 Mind Tunnel, Face To Face Viaduct, Limpley Stoke n/k
26/09/82 Thin Air Bridge n/k
02/10/82 Misdemeanour Western Star Domino Club £1.30
09/10/82 Thin Air Western Star Domino Club n/k
24/10/82 Thin Air Bridge n/k
28/10/82 Thin Air Redland Bar n/k
04/11/82 Eaeagba, Bohana Mouse Band, Distant Cousins, Mind Tunnel, Agents,Umo Vogue Trinity £0.80
11/11/82 Club Waiters,Screaming Dead, Opposite Man, Decay Sisters, Cold, Thin Air Trinity £0.80
13/11/82 False Idols, The Sound Redland Poly £1.80
14/11/82 Moral Minority Bridge n/k
18/11/82 Mind Tunnel Redland Bar n/k
21/11/82 Strawberry Switchblade, Orange Juice Locarno £3.00
25/11/82 Deckchairs, Decay Sisters, Umo Vogue, Poppies Trinity £1.30
26/11/82 Black, It's Immaterial, Wah! Bristol Uni £2.25
03/12/82 Confined Spaces, Mind Tunnel, Mr Completely BAC £1.00
05/12/82 Mind Tunnel Bristol Bridgen/k
10/12/82 TrainspottersBridge n/k
15/12/82 Mind Tunnel Bemmy Down 6th Form £1.00
18/12/82 Restriction, The Escape Trinity £1.75
19/12/82 Now is the time to forget the whimpering child, become the Warrior, Echo and the Bunnymen Golddiggers £4.00
21/12/82 Opposite Man Bridge £0.75
28/12/82 Mind Tunnel Bridge n/k
07/01/83 Thin Air Western Star Domino Club £1.00
27/01/83 John Cooper Clarke St Mathias £1.70
28/01/83 Wilko Johnson & Lew Lewis Ding walls £2.00
03/02/83 Now is the time etc, Echo and the Bunnymen Colston Hall £3.50
04/02/83 Thin Air Bridge £0.80
10/02/82 One The Juggler Dingwalls £1.50
15/02/83 The Escape Bridge n/k
02/03/83 The Nightingales Dingwalls £1.50
03/03/83 Groovy Pineapple, Dancing Teeth, Moral Minority Granary £0.75
05/03/83 Kevin Brown, Streets Ahead Bridge £1.50
07/03/83 The Nightcaps,U2 Colston Hall £4.00
18/03/83 U2 Leeds Uni £3.50
19/03/83 Tears for Fears Leeds Uni £3.50
22/03/83 Cook da Books, The Undertones Locarno£3.50
04/04/83 Decay Sisters Dingwalls £1.50
08/04/83 Thin Air Western Star Domino Club £1.00
15/04/83 Sneak Preview Bristol Bridge£1.00
17/05/83 TrainspottersBridge n/k
25/05/83 Mayfair, The Alarm Dingwalls £0.50
09/07/83 Gaspar Laural, The Undertones, Thompson Twins, Peter Gabriel Selhurst Park £8.30
23/07/83 Losenges College Green Fair n/k
24/07/83 Birth of Sharon, Either/Or, Koto, Startled Insects, Malcolm Bennett, Untouchables Ashton Court Free
05/08/83 Thin Air Western Star Domino Club £1.00
23/08/83 Empire, Comsat Angels Venue £3.20
13/09/83 One the Juggler, Big Country Colston Hall £4.00
24/09/83 Belle Stars, The Strawbs, Big Country, David Essex, UB40 Showering Pavillion n/k
07/10/83 Seven Seven Crown n/k
20/10/83 The Climb, The Alarm Bath University £2.75
25/10/83 Rank and File, Elvis Costello and the Attractions Studio £4.00
02/12/83 Big Outdoor Type Crown n/k
29/12/83 Hurt Bristol Bridge Inn n/k
04/01/84 Kiev, Vice Squad Granary£1.50
08/01/84 Basic Humour Bridge n/k
16/01/84 Thin Air Bridge n/k
21/01/84 The Pretenders Leeds Uni £4.00
03/02/84 Waddi Vision, New Model Army Bath University £1.00
07/02/84 Thin Air Bridge n/k
12/02/84 Lost Loved Ones, Jake Burns' Big Wheel, Alarm Studio £3.00
13/02/84 Billy Bragg, The Clash Colston Hall £4.00
24/02/84 Telephone Boxes, The Smiths Bristol Uni £3.00
25/02/84 Blue Aeroplanes Trinity Hall £2.00
01/03/84 Ground Zero, Jake Burns & The Big Wheel Venue £3.00
22/03/84 Come in Tokio, Icicle Works Bower Ashton Poly £2.00
26/03/84 Thin Air Bridge
29/03/84 Ian Dury and The Music Students Bath University £4.00
13/04/84 The Waterboys Bournemouth Upstairs At Eric's £2.50
14/04/84 The Scarecrows, The Waterboys Birmingham Tin Can Club n/k
16/04/84 Felt, Cocteau Twins Cardiff New Ocean Club £3.50
04/05/84 And Also The Trees, The Cure Colston Hall £4.50
04/05/84 Thin Air Bridge £1.50
13/05/84 Prefab Sprout Studio £4.00
26/06/84 False Idols, Misdemeanour, Ian Dury and The Music Students Studio £4.50
03/07/84 The Tears, The Waterboys Cardiff New Ocean Club £2.50
07/07/84 Nick Lowe and his Cowboy Outfit, Santana, UB40, Bob Dylan Wembley £11.00
15/07/84 Automatic Dlamini, Anthill Mob, Blue Aeroplanes, Brilliant Corners Ashton Court Free
20/07/84 The Tears, The Waterboys Birmingham Tin Can Club n/k
Sep-84 Immaculate Fools, Tom Robinson and his crew Hippodrome £5.00
06/10/84 The Real Thing BCHE £3.50
14/10/84 The Pogues, Elvis Costello and the Attractions Studio £5.00
24/10/84 Joy Polloi, Opposite Man Reviews n/k
06/11/84 Elderly Bop, New Model Army Bierkeller £2.50
10/11/84 Harpoons Crown n/k
14/11/84 T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello Colston Hall £5.00
23/11/84 Hedone, 99 Shy Bath University £2.00
13/12/84 Eddie & The Hot Rods Bath Uni £2.50
15/12/84 Blue Aeroplanes Old Profanity £1.50
18/12/84 Shattered Silence Bridge n/k
03/02/85 Woodentops, Everything But The Girl Studio £3.50
07/02/85 John Otway Walcot U H £1.50
12/02/85 Shattered Silence Bridge £0.50
14/02/85 False Idols N P S U n/k
12/03/85 James King & The Lone Wolves Moles £1.60
17/03/85 Porky the Poet, Sid Presley Experience, Billy Bragg Studio £3.50
20/03/85 Eden, The Sound Marquee £2.75
04/04/85 James, The Smiths Hippodrome £5.00
10/05/85 Harpoons, The Long March Cabot Club £1.00
May-85 Dr Feelgood Underground £3.00
29/05/85 Shattered Silence, The Long March Old Profanity £1.00
05/06/85 The Joeys Forum Cinema £3.00
20/21/06/85 Roger Chapman, Ya-gas, Steel Pulse, The Pogues, Boomtown Rats Glastonbury £16.00
24/06/85 The Opposition, New Model Army Bierkeller £3.00
08/07/85 Circus Circus Circus, The Sound, Midnight Oil Hammersmith Palais n/k
25/07/85 Pride, The Long March Old Profanity £1.50


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