Popsy Curious

Youthman Mind ARC235

Popsy Curious

Youthman Mind - Popsy Curious


Featured Track

Popsy CuriousPopsy Curious

  1. Youthman Mind
  2. St.Pauls
  3. Bad Bwoy Can't Get Nail
  4. Tunda Row
  5. Rough Justice
  6. Tribute To Mom
  7. Kings Highway
  8. Stress
  9. Chant Down Bobby Rome
  10. Tennisha
  11. Ammagedeon
  12. If I Didn't Know


Popsy was one of the singers in Black Flames from the 1980's

Production by Jungle Red and Popsy Curious

All music by Dennis (Chun’c) Hutchinson and Pops

Backing vocals by Glen Crooks and Tundy
Recorded in 1992

Remastered by Steve Street July 2011