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Big SquareAll Square Now

This is My Life

  1. Love (That's Wot)
  2. This is My Life
  3. Don't Last Forever
  4. Getting it Through
  5. Hit & Run
  6. Layin' in Wait
  7. Leaving Lovers
  8. Perfect Crime
  9. Secrets That We Keep
  10. Tomorrow Only Knows
  11. What If
  12. What Is So Wrong
  13. What the Children See
  14. World Out There Waiting
  15. Fine Time
  16. Hold Back The Night
  17. Getting it Through

Big Square formed in 1985 by Sil Wilcox, Colin Ball and Russ Crook. Sil, Colin and Russ created their own studio called SAS studios based in Bath so they could spend time recording, writing and rehearsing.

Sil was in bands during the seventies and eighties like ‘The Rockets’ and ‘The Rejects’ and then to form ‘Lucan’.

Colin a talented musician, was in a Bath band called Frame By Frame during the early eighties.

Russ was in a Bath based band called the A.T’s from 1979 to 81 and then on to Bristol based Umo Vouge who were signed to EMI in 1983.

Bass Player Ian Vallin and Drummer Mike Hoddinott joined the band in 1986 from a Bristol band called ‘Full Circle’. Ian left Big Square in 1987 to join a band called ’Rival Attraction’ and was replaced by Rich Wilson who later went on to play Bass for Doreen Doreen.
Big Square toured extensively around the UK. Toured with ‘Then Jerico’, ‘Bronski Beat’, ‘China Crisis’ and ‘The Bible’ to name but a few.