Commercial label (distributed by Pinnacle) that produced 6 singles and a compilation LP in 1981, before calling it a day. The LP, The Circus Comes To Town (TENT 0001), included tracks from: Rimshots, Black Roots, Treatment, Alarm Clox, Gold, Riz Wah Wah, Steve Booton & Pat Jones, Dangerous Brothers, Forty Blue Fingers, Info-Mania, Kevin McFadden and The Bite. All the tracks were recorded a The Facility Recording Studio by Roger which was based in Easton/ Whitehall area of Bristol circa 1980.



Cat No. Artist Title Date Configuration
CIRC 0001 Bohana Mouse Band F/Seven C's 1981 12" single
CIRC 0002 The Source Like a Child/? 1981 7" single
CIRC 0003 The Stingrays Never do/Satellites 1981 7" single
CIRC 0004 Bendall's Box Nightmares/Games Today 1981 7" single
CIRC 0005 Sky High Ghettos of your own kind/Part 2 1981 7" single
CIRC 0006 Slim Bridges And The Wildflowers Rocking Goose/Mole At The Circus 1981 7" single
TENT 0001 Various The Circus Comes To Town 1981 LP


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