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Valve - Pulling Legs Off Flies


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ValvePulling Legs Off Flies


  1. Drain My Will
  2. Hunchback
  3. Naive
  4. Grow Your Hair
  5. Fly Forever
  6. Waiting for the Rain
  7. Domination
  8. Shrink
  9. Play
  10. Ride
  11. Mosquito

All songs written and played by Hale, Holt, Waterson, Bennett.

Recorded on 8 Track by Matt Sampson 'The Pinball Lizard' at 'Bink Bonk', Bristol 1994.

Photo by Des

Original Artwork by Des, Rich, Paul, and Andy

Vocals and Guitar Paul Hale
Guitar Ben Bennett
Bass Paul Waterson
Drums Andy Holt