The Verdict

Guilty As Charged ARC134


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The Verdict - Guilty As Charged


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verdictGuilty As Charged


  1. IRA Man
  2. I Called a Doctor
  3. Living Earth
  4. Trouble
  5. Good Life
  6. Any Offers
  7. Hey Sweet Rose Marie
  8. Living in Moskow
  9. Boogie Night
  10. Have You Ever Been Arrested
  11. Living in Moskow
  12. Any Offers
  13. David
  14. Good Life
  15. I Don't Need You


Stuart Morgan (George) - vocals/ guitar
Shaun Harvey (Le Harve) - guitar
Graham Parsons - bass
Andy Welsford - drums

Stuart is now The Edge's tech man with U2...
Andy Welsford (as Andy Wells) drummed with Meatloaf later on.

Recorded by Steve Street at GBH Studios 1978/1979
Mastered by Steve Street Dec 2009