Jashwha Moses

Distant GunsMB0005

Jashwha Moses

  1. Distant Guns
  2. Distant Drops


Released on 21st March 2011


This is the first release from the sensational ‘No War’ album and the beginning of a new style of music – JAHGGAE.

Born in Clarindon on the beautiful island of Jamaica in the 60’s, Jashwha emigrated with his parents to the UK with hopes and dreams of a better life. He was confronted by racial prejudice and physical violence in what was to be a tough upbringing and these experiences would live with and motivate Jashwha for the rest of his life. In 1978 Jashwha released his first record, the now ultra rare classic roots tune ‘Africa Is Our Land’, produced by Dennis Bovell who has worked with such great artists as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Shabba Ranks. He followed this in 1980 with another 12” single ‘Pretty Girl’ released on the Bristol Independent label Shoc Wave Records.

Thirty years is a long time to wait for his next release but in 2011 Jashwha is back with a new album, a new twist on Reggae and a belief that Jahggae will bring true peace, love and harmony to the world. The album has been produced and co written with Mike ’E’ Hall previously keyboard player with the now legendary Roots Reggae band ‘Black Roots’. Jashwha has the last word...

The distinction in truth is that Reggae moves your body but Jahggae moves body, soul and mind! We all have the same message, we are warning of the dangers this earth is in, children killing children, parents against children and the resulting wars cannot be good. Every now and again, nature gets fed up with constantly reminding its inhabitant's that destroying everything is not the way to go, this album is saying stop it now and nature will spare you, continue and reap the results of your actions... or lack of it.

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ARTIST / TITLE: Jashwha Moses / Distant Guns

LABEL / DISTRIBUTION: Bristol Underground Sounds / Shellshock

CAT NO: MB0005 / Download only single

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