Ivory Coasters

Mungaka MakossaARC205

Ivory Costers

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Mungaka Makossa - Single - Ivory Coasters


Featured Track

Ivory coastersChavakali Charlie

  1. Mungaka Makossa
  2. Chavakali Charlie
  3. The Bongo That Ate Pik Botha



Dave Draper - Guitar
Musi Musawa - Vocals, Guitar
Martin Robinson - Bass
Martin McManus - Percussion
Dave Kennard - Drums
Stuart Boardman - Saxes
Jon Corbett - Trumpets
George Howden - Trombone


Producer - Ian Little

Recorded at the Lodge and Mixed at Gallery

A Politone Production for Recreational Records

Originally released in 1982 via Recreational Records


Disclaimer: We have made every attempt to find the original owners of these wonderful recordings. If a member of the band or anyone else reads this and can supply us with any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Mastered by Steve Street Oct 2010