1. Higher Than Anything
  2. More Than A Man
  3. Closer Down Easy
  4. Deliverance
  5. Two To One
  6. Believe
  7. No Longer For My Eyes
  8. Visionary
  9. Riverman
  10. Chance To Fly
  11. Never
  12. Ghettohead
  13. Drown Me
  14. Paper House
  15. Deep Water Shine
  16. Low

Vocals: Mike Blakemore
Drums: Lee Godbert
Bass: Andy Muse
Guitars: Phil Rossitor
Guitars: Paul Godbert (Tracks 1 – 4 only)


This collection brings together DEVIOUS material originally recorded and self-released as the Open CD EP, along with demo sessions for a subsequently aborted full length album that have only ever been available via an extremely limited edition CD collection called KEYSTONE.

DEVIOUS was formed in mid-1993 following the demise of two other Bristol based hard rock projects, and from the very start the aim was to hit the studio early and come out with something impressive enough to launch the new band. Material had come together quickly, and after a couple of low-key shake-down gigs and a bit of arguing four songs were eventually selected for a CD EP  - HIGHER THAN ANYTHING, MORE THAN A MAN, CLOSER DOWN EASY and DELIVERANCE.

OPEN was recorded in September and October 1993 at Bristol’s Coach House Studio, with studio owner Andy Allen handling the main engineering / production duties. The initial production run of 500 copies quickly sold out, and a subsequent run continued to sell well during the next year at gigs, via mail order and local record shops.




The remaining songs from the KEYSTONE collection represents material recorded at four demo sessions in 1995 and early 1996, during a period of great change for DEVIOUS. Building on the success of the first release, the intention was initially to capture material that had been developed subsequent to the OPEN sessions, with the aim of recording sufficient material for a ten/twelve song album length release. However, a sequence of events diverted the band from this task before it had even really got off the ground!

Since the DEVIOUS came together the line-up had been stable as a five piece, with the classic twin guitar-type set up. But in the early summer of 1995, Paul Godbert left to concentrate on a couple of personal issues. Initial thoughts turned to attempts to find a replacement, but limited immediate success, a strong vibe at rehearsals and powerful performances during a couple of gigs booked at that time (Bristol Bridge - 01/07/94, Ashton Court - 16/07/94) convinced the band to perhaps continue as a four piece with the single guitar – it’s not as if Phil really needed any help in this department!

TWO TO ONE, BELIEVE and NO LONGER FOR MY EYES were already well established in the live set prior to this period, so as a distraction from the hunt for a replacement 2nd guitarist, plans came together for further sessions for another CD EP, effectively creating time to pull something more effective together on the line up front. Unfortunately, just prior to finalising the studio booking arrangements for a return to the Coach House, band funds built up from gig receipts and merchandise sales were stolen during a break in at Andy’s home. Determined not to be diverted by this disaster, a slot at the significantly cheaper Mr. Grin’s studio was arranged as a last minute replacement.


At Coach House


With a working title of STONE RIVER MACHINES for the intended EP, the sessions started well, but it quickly became obvious that both the preparation from the band and perhaps the quality of the studio were insufficient for the material to be made available as a commercial release. As a recovery action the session was curtailed to a cut down session costing just £100, with the result being treated as a demo for a future project.

The final twist in DEVIOUS history for this period occurred shortly after the completion of the session. With the new found freedom of the single guitar based line up, experiments started with a much darker down-tuned sound, building on the power of the middle section from the track TWO TO ONE, which uses low dropped-D roots to great effect. With the guitar and bass dropped a full tone, and open tuning used to create low C capability, an interesting twist to the previously radio friendly sound resulted. Extensive rehearsals saw the beginnings of what was to become RIVERMAN come together, and having decided to change direction during a series of late night discussions, an intense period of creativity followed. With VISIONARY, CHANCE TO FLY and several other numbers quickly developed into a full set of revised style material, further studio time was booked at Mr. Grin’s and the results are captured in the next batch of tracks from this collection.

With the first couple of gigs (Paulett Manor - 18/03/95, Bristol Full Moon - 25/03/95) incorporating the new style material well received, the final mix of these songs perhaps showed the band struggling to come to terms with certain aspects of the overall sound, with the especially well developed vocal parts rather over-shadowing the basic guitar arrangements. But work continued at rehearsals (plus the odd outing in Unplugged format, mainly for fun) and by May the band were again back at Mr. Grin’s for another one day session.


Logo Devious


The tracks NEVER, GHETTOHEAD and DROWN ME completed the transition to the down-tuned style, with the final commercial style songs dropped from the live electric set. With mixing completed in the early summer, the band concentrated the remaining months of 1995 honing the live set, with six local outings including three gigs at the Bristol Bierkeller (a showcase on 27/08/95, a support slot with Wishbone Ash on 11/12/95 and a post-Christmas bash on 29/12/95) all building on a re-established fan base.

1996 started off in fine style, with a return to the Full Moon in Bristol on 13/01/96 maintaining the momentum from the Christmas/New Year period. With the set especially well received by Venue journalist Robin Askew in his review when it hit the press in early February, the band had by then made the final trip to Mr. Grin’s to record the last three songs from this collection.

The tracks PAPER HOUSE, DEEP WATER SHINE and LOW represent almost the remainder of the set from this period, while the bands arrangement of the Beatles standard COME TOGETHER was often added as an encore. Only two tracks (GREY STONE SPIRAL an early number from the VISIONARY/RIVERMAN period, and PURE, a slower number in standard tuning only aired once) from the live set didn’t make it to tape due to time and money limitations. As things turned out the Full Moon show was the last for the band in full-on electric mode, as by now the inconvenience of Andy’s forced relocation to Swindon for work was taking its toll. As a Swan Song the gig stands up well though.

Material from all periods of DEVIOUS history plus a few favourite covers were dusted off in Unplugged style to celebrate Phil’s engagement to long standing girlfriend Carol (Clifton Rugby Club - 10/02/96) and a repeat was later organised for another private party (Wraxhall House - 04/06/96) as the final “public” appearance, marking 49 gigs since the humble beginnings back in late 1993.


Lyrics - Blakemore

Tracks 5 – 16 recorded at Mr. Grin’s Studio, Bristol


Produced and Engineered by:

Mick Wards and DEVIOUS
Tracks 5 - 7: 4th February 1995
Tracks 8 - 10: 5th March 1995
Tracks 11 - 13 8th May 1995
Tracks 13 - 15: 21st January 1996


Mixed by:

Mick Wards and  DEVIOUS
Tracks 5 - 10: 27th March 1995
Tracks 11 - 13: 4th June 1995
Tracks 13 - 15: 31st January 1996